What Happened to Mom?

The puppies waiting to be rescued

The puppies waiting to be rescued

When we posted our story of the rescue of the Poet Pups, we got some great feedback and the same question from several readers: “What happened to the mother dog?” We want to thank everyone who asked, because that is an important question! The mom to the Poet Pups, Mercedes, is doing just fine at our kennel facility, The Lost Dog Ranch. She was very thin when she was rescued and needed to be separated from the pups and treated to her own TLC. She is gaining weight rapidly and looking brighter and healthier every day. She will soon be looking for a home to call her own, just like her puppies.

We’re so happy that many people share concern not just about the puppies, but also the mother dogs. Too often, we see mother dogs that have been discarded at a shelter, and it’s heartbreaking. At LDCRF we have a policy to never leave Momma Dogs or Momma cats behind. If we bring the puppies or kittens into rescue, Momma is always part of the deal. Occasionally, we have even been able to rescue Mom and Dad!

Stories like these are one of the many reasons that our foster homes are so important – had we not had a foster home for the puppies, we wouldn’t have been able to help them or their sweet Mom. Whether you’re fostering a dog, a litter of puppies or kittens or fostering a cat, you’re making these rescues possible. You can learn more about fostering and join us in our mission to find more dogs and cats a place to call home in 2014 here.

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Mercedes waiting at the shelter for LDCRF to pick her up!

Mercedes at LDCRF, warm and cozy in her jacket and starting to fill out.

Mercedes at LDCRF, warm and cozy in her jacket and starting to fill out.


Now It’s Not Just a House, But a Home

Rep. Grimm, Patricia Dresch with Little Mikey (formerly Nibbles) and Michael Markarian of the HSUS

Rep. Grimm, Patricia Dresch with Little Mikey (formerly Nibbles) and Michael Markarian of the HSUS

2014 started out for Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation with a great happy ending. For several months, LDCRF had been working together with the Humane Society of the United States and Representative Michael Grimm (R NY-11)’s office to help find a great companion for a survivor Hurricane Sandy.

When Hurricane Sandy hit Staten Island in 2012, Patricia Dresch lost not only her home of thirty years, but her husband and 13 year old daughter. Representative Grimm met her while she was recovering in the hospital, and stayed by her side over the past year helping her to rebuild her life, one day at a time.  Her home that had been ruined during the storm was scheduled to be bought out by the city of New York, however it was taking a long time, and meanwhile she was staying on a pull out in the local church. It was during this time, that they realized she would love to have a dog as a companion.

Having adopted a dog himself, and seeing the help military veterans have gotten from therapy dogs, Representative Grimm knew that having a dog would help. He reached out the Humane Society of the US, who helped him get his dog, about finding the right dog for Patricia. When the HSUS reached out to LDCRF, we knew we could help. We began to look at see what dogs might fit what she was looking for.

It didn’t take long before we found the right fit in the 11lb form of Nibbles. While Pat was waiting for the buyout to happen and to be able to purchase a home of her own, Nibbles was sitting in a high kill shelter in Georgia, also hoping for a home of his own. His time was running out, and he didn’t have much hope until LDCRF rescued him. He went to foster care, where his foster mom helped him to gain weight and learn house manners. His winning personality immediately made her think he would be just the dog Pat was looking for.

Pat agreed as soon as she saw his picture and heard about his personality, that he was the one. He stayed with his foster mom while being treated for heartworms and erlichia, both unfortunately common in dogs from the South. He went through the treatment successfully, and on January 2nd, which was also Pat’s birthday, he hit the road to the house that would become the new home for both him and Pat in Staten Island.


Nibbles, renamed Little Mikey, found his spot on the couch. Photo from SILive

As soon as the door opened Pat and Nibbles, renamed Little Mikey after Representative Grimm, immediately bonded. He investigated

the new place he would call home, running up the stairs, and then jumping up on the couch next to Pat. Even with the news cameras only a few feet away, he settled right in. She had already prepared a nice bed for him, which included the baby blanket of her daughter who had passed. The blanket had miraculously been found in the rubble, cleaned and given to Pat, who said it only made sense for Little Mikey to have it in his bed.

Pat had spent the first night in her new house the night before, and now Little Mikey would help her in this next part of both their journey. As was remarked when Little Mikey arrived and met Pat, what was before a house had now become a home, now that Little Mikey was there.

We’re grateful that we were able to be part of the recovery process for both Little Mikey and Pat in their new lives together.

Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Today is the second annual #GivingTuesday, a day to give back and make a difference after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This Giving Tuesday, we’re hoping you’ll give back by helping us save more lives. This year alone we’ve found homes for more than 1000 dogs and cats, and with your help we can save many more.  Below are just a few of the amazing dogs and cats we’ve been able to find homes for thanks to you. Please make a gift today, and help us continue to help them! 

There’e Scruffy, the poster child for grateful rescue dog. Found trotting down a busy road in the rain (yep, all 9 lbs of him), Scruffy clearly had a less than comfortable life. He was filthy, had terrible tooth infections, dirty ears, was Lyme positive and had the mark of an embedded collar around his neck. He was just a big mess! This summer, he found a wonderful home where he is loved and a member of the family, and even enjoys boating trips!

Sally and Squints were living by a dumpster with their mom when they were rescued, but it was discovered they had some major eye issues. After some TLC and searching they found a fantastic home together and are loving the good life! sallynsquints33


Ben and Jerry were rescued from underneath a tractor in Arkansas with their mother by the Humane Society of the US, along with many other animals. They came to LDCRF, and grew into loving puppies who went on to find great homes, as did their mother. ben

Coco came to us from a rural shelter, he was frightened and had to learn to trust. He went into foster care where learned how to enjoy toys and snuggling. Now, he’s found a great home where he’s finally home. COCO6

Help LDCRF and Get Your Holiday Shopping Done!

Thanks to the awesome folks at Pee Happy, you’re now able to help us rescue dogs and cats, and also get your holiday shopping done!

gty_dog_holiday_sweater_nt_111207_wgWhat is Pee Happy?
Pee Happy is a great company that makes a wide variety of awesome people and dog accessories. But they go a step beyond providing great products – all profits from sales are donated to rescues! They don’t take salaries, they simply donate the profit to different rescue groups. We’re very lucky to have been selected to be one of the rescues that you can have the profit of your purchase be donated to, from any purchases made Nov 1 – December 25.

How Does it Work?
It’s quite simple, and we’ve made it even easier for you by

Step 1. Visit the Pee Happy website and select Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation from the drop down at the bottom of the page. Click add to cart.

Step 2. Browse the great items you can get, and add them to your cart. Then when you check out, know that you’re helping dogs and cats with your purchase.

It can be a bit overwhelming to see so many cool items, so we’ve created a handy dandy gift guide for you:


All Around
A great gift for the person you can’t think of what to get – a travel mug that supports rescue, holds hot cocoa in the winter and iced coffee in the summer – it’s a win all around!


This cool bag is not only stylish, but can hold poop bags, their wallet, gloves and whatever else your petsitter may take with them on a walk.


Four Legged Canine Pal
While you’re spreading the love, don’t forget your dog! These cute squeaky bones will be sure to be a hit!


Baby of the family
Make sure everyone in the family is able to have a Pee Happy holiday with this cute beanie!


Pawlitical Friends
A great bipawtisan gift for any friend in DC!

There are so many other great gifts, so make sure to select us as the rescue you want to help when you visit their website. Make sure to also Like Pee Happy on Facebook!