It’s game on for our puppies this weekend!

Are your thoughts turning to the big game and the Puppy Bowl on Sunday? Then make time to stop by LDCRF adoption eImagevents, where we promise non-stop action in the puppy pen. This weekend’s players – the 11 week old Eight is Enough lab/shepherd pups and 8 week old Molly’s Originals lab blends – both hail from West Virginia, and promise lots of sweet puppy kisses along with a few tackles and puppy mayhem. All of the players on the 8 is Enough team are expected to be 45-55 pounds when full grown (although mom, available soon, is 35 pounds), but Tootsie, weighing in at 12 pounds, will be excellent at holding the defensive line. Although Molly’s Originals are a bit younger, they show a lot of early promise. If they are anything like mom Molly, a 50 pound lab mix who adores people, they will be gems. Sunday Waffles shows the smarts and inquisitive nature of a cornerback; but Candy Crush, Sugar Rush, and Penny Lane are all ready to be very sweet team players.

The game plan for getting the pups to weekend adoption events is of course a team effort, and every member is valuable. Our rescue partners in Logan and Fayette Counties, West Virginia, helped move the moms and pups out of shelters or cold conditions into foster homes in their areas. Molly’s Originals were found and fostered after being born in a backyard in early January – just before that first arctic weather hit –before being moved to dedicated LDCRF puppy fosters. Puppy fosters are an important part of our rescue, since pups are born without a fully active immune system, and the possibility of disease or virus transmission – including parvo, distemper, and upper respiratory infections – is too great in communal areas such as shelters and even our Lost Dog Ranch. Since both the litters were moved into foster at an early age, they were coached in love and given lots of socialization. The pups can’t play their best if they’re not healthy, so they all received full veterinary care, including spay/neuter, several dewormings, and bordetella and parvo/distemper vaccines.  They also can’t catch the ball without a good diet; on average, a mother and 8 puppies that will grow to be 40-50 pounds as adults will consume 400 lb. of kibble and 266 cans of high quality puppy food while in foster care,

Almost every weekend kicks off a new bunch of players in the puppy pen. For fans of smaller dogs, don’t miss the Next Door pups, currently 4-5 week old Chihuahua blends, arriving at events in 2-3 weeks. Mom Peyton (who also answers to Russell), promises to be one of the best quarterbacks ever – sweet but protective of her pups, she seems to have adopted 3 pups from another litter. Mom Peyton and the pups are such a great team, that they are named after Seahawks and Broncos players – Wes, Decker, Bailey, Percy, Sherman, and Wilson (see sneak peek below!).

Take in all of the puppy pen action at our Fair Lakes PetSmart (12971 Fair Lakes Center, Fairfax, VA) adoption event this Friday, January 31st, 6:30-8:30 PM, where both litters will be hoping for touchdowns by finding the loving homes that they deserve.  Any remaining Molly’s Original’s pups will attend the Saturday Seven Corners event (12:00-3:00 PM), and remaining 8 is Enough pups will be at the Saturday Rockville event (1:00-4:00 PM).  Please check our website at for maps and directions, as well as availability following the Friday Fair Lakes adoption event. Image


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