Giving Back on Giving Tuesday

Today is the second annual #GivingTuesday, a day to give back and make a difference after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This Giving Tuesday, we’re hoping you’ll give back by helping us save more lives. This year alone we’ve found homes for more than 1000 dogs and cats, and with your help we can save many more.  Below are just a few of the amazing dogs and cats we’ve been able to find homes for thanks to you. Please make a gift today, and help us continue to help them! 

There’e Scruffy, the poster child for grateful rescue dog. Found trotting down a busy road in the rain (yep, all 9 lbs of him), Scruffy clearly had a less than comfortable life. He was filthy, had terrible tooth infections, dirty ears, was Lyme positive and had the mark of an embedded collar around his neck. He was just a big mess! This summer, he found a wonderful home where he is loved and a member of the family, and even enjoys boating trips!

Sally and Squints were living by a dumpster with their mom when they were rescued, but it was discovered they had some major eye issues. After some TLC and searching they found a fantastic home together and are loving the good life! sallynsquints33


Ben and Jerry were rescued from underneath a tractor in Arkansas with their mother by the Humane Society of the US, along with many other animals. They came to LDCRF, and grew into loving puppies who went on to find great homes, as did their mother. ben

Coco came to us from a rural shelter, he was frightened and had to learn to trust. He went into foster care where learned how to enjoy toys and snuggling. Now, he’s found a great home where he’s finally home. COCO6


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