Help LDCRF and Get Your Holiday Shopping Done!

Thanks to the awesome folks at Pee Happy, you’re now able to help us rescue dogs and cats, and also get your holiday shopping done!

gty_dog_holiday_sweater_nt_111207_wgWhat is Pee Happy?
Pee Happy is a great company that makes a wide variety of awesome people and dog accessories. But they go a step beyond providing great products – all profits from sales are donated to rescues! They don’t take salaries, they simply donate the profit to different rescue groups. We’re very lucky to have been selected to be one of the rescues that you can have the profit of your purchase be donated to, from any purchases made Nov 1 – December 25.

How Does it Work?
It’s quite simple, and we’ve made it even easier for you by

Step 1. Visit the Pee Happy website and select Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation from the drop down at the bottom of the page. Click add to cart.

Step 2. Browse the great items you can get, and add them to your cart. Then when you check out, know that you’re helping dogs and cats with your purchase.

It can be a bit overwhelming to see so many cool items, so we’ve created a handy dandy gift guide for you:


All Around
A great gift for the person you can’t think of what to get – a travel mug that supports rescue, holds hot cocoa in the winter and iced coffee in the summer – it’s a win all around!


This cool bag is not only stylish, but can hold poop bags, their wallet, gloves and whatever else your petsitter may take with them on a walk.


Four Legged Canine Pal
While you’re spreading the love, don’t forget your dog! These cute squeaky bones will be sure to be a hit!


Baby of the family
Make sure everyone in the family is able to have a Pee Happy holiday with this cute beanie!


Pawlitical Friends
A great bipawtisan gift for any friend in DC!

There are so many other great gifts, so make sure to select us as the rescue you want to help when you visit their website. Make sure to also Like Pee Happy on Facebook!


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