A Rotta Love: Meet Reddick and Lola

Reddick and Lola are a loving and friendly canine couple who have been together most of their lives. They’re friendly with children and dogs, and turn heads wherever they go. Lola is a svelte 90 pounds, and Reddick is a little over 100 pounds.  Both are Rottweilers, and show off the best of the breed with their sweet nature and loyalty.  They lived a great home, but unfortunately their owners moved into a place that wouldn’t allow them to come, so through no fault of their own, they are now looking for a nice home to spend their golden years in. Want to meet this fab couple? We’ll introduce you.



Meet Reddick:
Reddick is a show-stopper and a crowd pleaser with his big blockhead and his lumbering gait. It’s impossible not to give him a second glance and when you do, you see a squishy sweetheart who might want to sit on your foot and lean on your leg for a bit. This big boy is very well-behaved and takes direction easily. He was lovingly raised in a family with children and dogs and comes with crate training, house training, leash training and basic commands in addition to his good looks. He is looking for a new home because his family had to move to a rental and he wasn’t allowed to join them.  In the next chapter of his life, he would really enjoy a fenced yard (he’s a fan of the great outdoors) and a human who has some big dog experience.

Reddick is 8 years old, and weighs approximately 105 pounds. At adoption events he makes many friends, and didn’t appear fazed by the cats at the event either. He’s lived the majority of his life with Lola, who joined him when she was a puppy. Lola is a bit smaller, coming it at 90 pounds and is 6 years old.



Lola is a loving, attentive, social and very well-behaved girl who is looking for lots of love in Part II of her life. She was lovingly raised with children and other dogs and lost her home due to a family move, no fault of her own. Now she is looking for a stable home where she will again be a beloved family member. Lola is housetrained, crate trained and good with dogs and kids. She is also good on the leash and knows basic commands.

Both dogs are fully vetted and fixed as are all animals up for adoption with LDCRF.

These two lunkhead lovebugs would really like a home, and would be overjoyed if that home could be for both of them. If you can’t adopt, consider sharing this post on your Facebook page to help them find a home!

Interested in meeting Reddick and Lola? E-Mail dogs@lostdogrescue.org


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