ASPCA Challenge Wrap Up!

Way back in January, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation mad an important announcement. We were incredibly proud to be one of the 50 organizations chosen to participate in the ASPCA/ Rachel Ray $100k Challenge and we couldn’t wait to get started.

 In March we asked you to come to a “Party with a Purpose” and so many of you not only showed up, but you also stepped up. We told you it was gong to be a long, hardworking summer and we asked for your help to adopt out more animals than ever before. 

 And help you did! You- the amazing volunteers of LDCRF- sewed adoption vests, took photos, entered endless amounts of data, fostered more dogs, cats puppies and kittens than ever before in our history and showed up whenever we said, “We need you.”

  Together we walked our adoptable dogs all over Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, Rockville and Annapolis. We did extra adoption events, tried out special promotions and worked harder than ever to put homeless animals into the arms of loving adopters.

 Anyway you look at it, it was a raging success.

 The contest came to an end on August 31 and it will be a couple of weeks before the official numbers are tallied for final contest re EOY 2012 sults, but we already know that our performance was amazing. At the end of June, we were the #8 group in the nation and second in our division. In July, in spite of being up against a difficult month, we finished 3rd in our division and maintained momentum into August, which was a fabulous month.

 Most impressive is that we achieved all of this solely through the power of committed volunteers. We don’t know of any other agency in the contest, much less one performing at our level, that is volunteer run. The task we set out to achieve was Herculean, but of course you rose to the occasion and we adopted out more animals this summer than ever before.

 When we started this contest, we said to ourselves, “It’s a really long shot, but it is going to make us a better organization.” And it has. We have new foster families and so many volunteers have taken on more responsibility. We have learned that we can take an adoption event just about anywhere as long as we have a plastic box of supplies, some dogs in a van and a few good people.  We have refined processes, tightened our data collection and come up with creative ways to get dogs and cats into homes sooner.

 In short, we are better. And because we are better, we are saving more lives.  We win and the animals win, thanks 100% to you.

 See photos of the hundreds of animals who found homes this summer thanks to you, on our Facebook page.


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