From A to Zeke

Zeke and his new mom!

Zeke and his new mom!

This weekend was another great weekend for many dogs and cats at LDCRF. 76 found homes! There were a few adoptions that we had to highlight, as they really show was LDCRF is all about, and how our volunteers help.

From A to Zeke
At the beginning of June, we decided to try a new event, literally taking to the streets to find homes for our dogs, and we called these events Paws in the Street events. We asked for overnight foster homes, so that more dogs could attend, and quite a few people stepped up! One volunteer, Nick, took home a black and white pit bull mix named Baldo for the evening. Baldo did so well, that Nick decided to continue to foster him, and within a few weeks, Baldo had a home!

Nick then emailed our foster team, to see who else could use a foster home, enter Zeke the hound. Zeke had come to us in February of 2013, from a rural shelter. He was very sweet, but we didn’t have much history (any, for that matter) on him. He had gone to events, but no one adopted him, and he continued to get overlooked. So on June 22nd, he went into foster care with Nick. Nick discovered he was housetrained, and spruced up his website bio to reflect what Zeke was like in a home, which was a sweet, quiet and friendly hound. Only a week later, not only did Zeke get adopted, but he had several people interested in him!

Zeke is one of our many success stories that we had to share, without the magic touch of a foster home, he would no doubt still be waiting for a home at our ranch. Now, thanks to going to foster care, not only did he find a home, but we were able to save another dog in need.

Interested in fostering? Fill out the application here.


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