Bo: A look at how fostering helps save lives!

Bo (in the background) and Brian, at the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter

Bo (in the background) and Brian, at the animal shelter. LDCRF took them into a play yard to get to know them a bit better.

The second weekend into the ASPCA 100kChallenge was filled with lots of great adoptions! We were able to find homes for 67 dogs and cats, and could not have done it without our amazing volunteers. Every person who signed up to be a dog handler, drive a van, help with cat adoptions, open their homes to foster dogs, helped in saving a life. Bo was one of the dogs who found a home this weekend, and shows how a foster home can make all the difference.

Bo's headshot when he was ready for adoption.

Bo’s headshot when he was ready for adoption.

In February of 2013, Bo and quite a few other dogs were at the a rural Virginia animal shelter, and they were full. LDCRF had had a great weekend of adoptions, so was able to go to the shelter, and pull a number of dogs and cats, to help free up kennel space, and save those animals from being euthanized. Bo was one of the dogs! He was a goofy hound boy, who didn’t have any history, but he did great with the other dogs, so we put him, as well as Brian, another hound (who is still looking for a home!) on our list.

Once in our care, he received the vetting and medical care that he needed in order to go up for adoption, and got used to life at the Lost Dog Ranch. His routine consisted of hanging out in a nice indoor kennel space with another canine pal, and a doggy door so he could go outside to go potty as he wished. He has a nice bed, food, water, and ample playtime in our play yards, so life seemed pretty good to Bo – a big move up from roaming the back roads of rural Virginia!

He had his photo taken for his website bio, and viola! He was ready to attend adoption events and be adopted. He also got a Pal for Paws Sponsor, Sally Woodward, and her donation helped to cover the cost of his medical care and daily care.  While at the events, people stopped by to pet him, and he was a good natured friendly boy, but he didn’t have a story to draw people in. He was found as a stray, and that was all that was known about him. While he was safe at our facility, not being in a home meant that we didn’t know about his housetraining or how he acted in a home.  So his search for a home continued for a few months.

Bo made friends while in foster care!

Bo made friends while in foster care!

Then, Bo got lucky! He had someone who wanted to foster him! His foster dad was a new foster, and emailed about meeting Bo and a few others to foster. He decided to take Bo home to foster on May 25th. Not only was Bo lucky because he could now be in a home environment, but he now had a personal advocate! Someone who could tell adopters what he was like in a home, which is a great advantage.

His new foster dad got to know him, and learned some fun information about Bo, like that he was crate trained and housetrained, and loved toys, and was also quiet. All great traits that would help him find a home. After having him for a week, he updated his online bio with some great photos of Bo, that showed off his great personality, in hopes it would help him find a home.

Only a week after updating his online bio, and only two weeks after going into foster care, Bo left foster care – he was adopted! He’s one of the many dogs that goes to show what a difference a foster home can make. In addition to helping the dog in foster care get adopted, it allows us to pull another from a shelter, because we now have an open space at our facility. If you’re looking for a fun way to help an animal, fostering is a great way to do it. We are always in need of fosters, for puppies, kittens, adult cats and dogs – they all could use a personal advocate to help them find a home like Bo did.


Bo and his new family!

If you’re interested in fostering, or want to sign up, click here and you’ll be taken to our foster page where you can fill out an application for fostering dogs and/or cats. If you fell in love with Bo, his buddy Brian, is still with us and would love a foster home too!


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